Integrated photonic circuits of today have to integrate different functionalities which cannot be realized using one material system. We, therefore, offer our customers two advanced waveguide fabrication platforms, TriPleX and InP, and the possibility to integrate them.

TriPleXTM is a dielectric waveguide technology based on alternating Si3N4 and SiO2 layers, fabricated with CMOS compatible equipment. The technology has the lowest optical loss and allows for low coupling losses with fibers and InP chips through patented spotsize convertors. The low-loss aspect of this technology makes the devices realized using it very power efficient.

In is an excellent material system for realizing active optical components such as laser, amplifier, modulators fast switches.

Hybrid integrated

Through our strategic partner, LioniX International, we have access to a novel hybrid technology which integrates the active InP components with the compact low-loss TriPleXTM chips.