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    V&A-Photonics provides TriPleX Multi Projects Wafer (MPW) services in China in collaboration with Fuzhou IOT lab, LioniX International and PhoeniX software. TriPleX a well-known waveguide technology platform based on alternating layers of Si2O and Si3N4. The technology is suitable for manufacturing components for telecom/datacom as well as sensing applications. The MPW service provides a cost effective easy access to this key photonics integrated circuit technology platform.   


    For more information download the flyer. For more information about cost, schedule and ordering of your TriPleX™ MPW please contact:


    LioniX and PhoeniX Software provide in addition to chip manufacturing: 
    ● Training on design tools
    ● Special offer for simulation tools and mask layout software
    Design kit
    Design support


    In addition we offer post processing upon request:
    Etching trenches for fluidic applications
    Etching trenches next to waveguides for heat localization
    Packaging (in particular fiber chip coupling)
    Glass bonding and fluidic connection